EXCEPT Consortium meets in Turin!

EXCEPT Consortium meets in Turin!
The EXCEPT Project consortium met in Turin on the 1-3 of October 2015. Participants were welcomed at the University of Turin  by  Sonia  Bertolini  - Italian  team  leader,  Prof. Franca  Rocarolo -  head  of  the Culture, Politics and Society Department at the University of Turinand other members of the Italian team.

During the first two days of the meeting participants worked in two sub-groups. The first sub-group, including country team leaders, discussed the progress of the project, quantitative macro-indicators for multi-level analyses and ideas for the WP-specific multi-level analyses of association between individual labour market disadvantages and youth well-being and health (WP4), authonomy (WP5) and short- and long-term economic consequences (WP6)The second sub-group included qualitative researchers from the national teams who worked together on the sampling strategy and qualitative outline structure. At the final plenary session researchers discussed elaborations of the two sub-groups and their further project activities. 

Meeting in Turin was also a great opportunity for the Consortium to meet representatives of local partners of the Italian team: the Metropolitan City of Turin, Social Fare and Confcommercio Cuneo.

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