Policy briefs


EXCEPT Policy Brief 6 Youth inclusion policies


EXCEPT Policy Brief №5 Socio-economic consequences of insecre labour market positions for young people's future social security

EXCEPT Policy Brief №5 Langfristige Konsequencen von Erwebunsicherheiten für die Alterssicherung junger Menschen


EXCEPT Policy Brief 4 Socio-economic consequences of insecure labour market positions

EXCEPT Policy Brief 4 Соціально-економічні наслідки незахищеності на ринку праці


EXCEPT Policy Brief 3  Autonomy

EXCEPT Policy Brief 3 Автономія


EXCEPT Policy Brief 2 Health and Wellbeing

EXCEPT Policy Brief 2 Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden

EXCEPT Policy Brief 2 Здоров'я та добробут


EXCEPT Policy Brief №1 Composition and cumulative disadvantage of youth across Europe 

EXCEPT Policy Brief №1 Jugendliche in Europa und ihre kumulativen Nachteile 





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