EXCEPT Photo Competition Winners

1st Place

Theologia, 20, Greece

First of all, I selected a photo which depicts my face, in an attempt to express the feelings of becoming an adult. For me, becoming an adult nowadays, can be related with a variety of sentiments, such as the uncertainty, the anxiety and the fear for the future. In addition, the passage from adolesence to adulthood can cause confusion, but also enthousiasm for the new opportunities which are offered to young people, mainly in the job market. In this photo, I tried to express all the feelings above. In my opinion, becoming an adult means not only being able to live away from your parents, but also earning your own money. But trying to succeed in all this stuff can have serious emotional and psychological consequences.


2d Place

Marie, 21, Estonia

Becoming a adult means to me to find myself. Discover new sides of myself, people, cultures, world, life and grow together with them. I am greatful of every moment my life gives me, and I know that every sitation is good for something, And I am looking foward to take new challanges. I think that that's it- becoming a adult.


3d Place

Fillipo, 21, Italy 

I think I will be really adult when I can see my father in the mirror


Special jury prize 

Aggelos, 21, Albania

This photograph was taken in Eidomeni, Greece in February 2016 with an analog camera. It depicts a little refugee at a hosting space of a refugee camp. The 7year old boy has taken into his arms his new born brother, giving his parents some time to rest before they continue their big journey to Europe. For me, adultness, means maturity, responsibility, understanding and control of the situations. The difficult situations and bad conditions the underage refugees are obligated to live in, make them mature mentally and physically from a very early age.



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