EXCEPT in the Swedish mass media


Björn Högberg from Umeå University wrote a popular scientific summary of one of the joint EXCEPT papers. An article was published in the local newspaper Västerbottens Folkblad and in other media, as well as in two electronic newspapers.

"If unemployed can maintain a reasonable level of living, unemployment is less harmful. But we only see that relationship regarding well-being. As regards to physical health, we cannot see the connection with the size of the cash benefits" says Björn Högberg from Umeå University.

The article was based on EXCEPT paper “The Effects of Unemployment and Insecure Jobs on Well-Being and Health: The Moderating Role of Labor Market Policies written by Jonas Voßemer, Michael Gebel, Kadri Täht, Marge Unt, Björn Högberg, Mattias Strandh.

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