EXCEPT meets Antonio Tajani, the President of European Parliament

EXCEPT meets Antonio Tajani, the President of European Parliament

Yesterday, Eve-Liis Roosmaa, as a representative of the EXCEPT project, opened the debate about youth employment between youth and the President of European Parliament Antonio Tajani as well as members of eight different political groups of the Parliament. She talked about the situation of youth based on the qualitative study conducted in the EXCEPT project stressing the point that it is not only the question of finding any kind of job or the first job, but a job with a perspective for development and dignified salary.

After the end of the debate about 200 guests, among them the President Antonio Tajani and members from eight political groups of European Parliament were invited to continue the discussions in informal context with refreshments. The exhibition of EXCEPT photo completion was on show giving ideas for conversation. For further introduction the project fliers, policy briefs and newsletter were also available.

The debate „Future of Europe: Changing Times, Lasting Values” took place at Tallinn University in the frame of the Estonian presidency of the EU council beginning in autumn. Other topics of the debate besides youth employment were “Future of Europe: How to re-launch the EU”, “European defence: A guardian of peace” and “Security: Protecting citizens in turbulent times”.

The debate was broadcasted live on the page of one of the biggest daily newspapers in Estonia “Postimees” and the recording is available here

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