EXCEPT presented as an example of EU funded research

EXCEPT presented as an example of EU funded research

On the 1st of March 2018, Kerstin Wilde from the Research Executive Agency and Project Advisor for EXCEPT talked with a group of young people about 'what the EU does' in the office of the Network of European Voluntary Service Organisations in Brussels.

EXCEPT was presented and served as a model for the young people to get to know the links between the Multiannual Financial Framework, Horizon2020, the content of the call for proposals and about the EXCEPT project.

Further, the young people learnt how their peers are involved in the research project, about ethical considerations when interviewing young people (compared to adults), and how research results are discussed with policy-makers and interest groups. A new vision about how research can contribute to changing policies and how international cooperation between scientists contributes to European Integration emerged in the dialogue.

This 'research world' is a completely new sphere for the young people. A lively exchange and learning process took place; and 'thinking out of the box' (one's own reality), understanding how interesting (though more demanding) thinking social situations in the varied contexts of the EU member states can be, is a take-away from this short session that will have its repercussions further-on at home.

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