EXCEPT project’s 2nd policy brief now available for readers

EXCEPT project’s 2nd policy brief now available for readers

The second policy brief of EXCEPT Project, which is now available on our project web-page, puts emphasis on the findings concerning the effect of policies on the consequences of unemployment for youths’ well-being and health.

The analysis conducted in the EXCEPT project has demonstrated how unemployment deteriorates health and wellbeing, especially happiness and life satisfaction, of youth. These consequences can be long-lasting “scars” in the individual life course. Therefore, it is important to find adequate policy measures to mitigate this effect. Our research shows that generous unemployment benefits are one of the policy measures, which moderates the effect of unemployment on well-being. Also, different educational policies reduce the negative effect of unemployment. See more in our policy brief.

The detailed findings from the EXCEPT project on the effect of insecure labour market positions on well-being and health are available in the EXCEPT Working Paper series. Issue 8 focuses on the relation between labour market insecurity and health and wellbeing, whereas Issue 7 investigates the impact of institutional setting and policies.

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