EXCEPT project’s latest policy brief puts the spotlight on youth inclusion policies


The EXCEPT project team has published Policy brief No. 6, which deals with issues of youth inclusion policies.

Based on the analysis conducted in the frames of EXCEPT project the researchers conclude that success factors of youth employment interventions include early intervention, support rather than compulsion, individualized, tailored support, integrated approach, focus on human capital development and creation of better opportunities. On a critical note, the researchers also found that the existing youth employment policies do not prioritize the most vulnerable young people and the degree of consistency between youth employment policies and other policies is inadequately low. Read the EXCEPT Policy Brief 6

The analysis presented in the policy brief is mainly based on national reports from 28 European countries as well as EU wide statistical data, results and secondary analyses of other studies in the field. The national reports written by local experts are published in EXCEPT Working Paper series: http://www.except-project.eu/results-from-policy-analysis/.

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