Bjorn Hvinden, Coordinator of NEGOTIATE project, and Elvira Cicognani, Coordinator of CATCH-EyoU, participated in the Final EXCEPT conference. They presented the results of their projects at the final conference during the poster session.

NEGOTIATE – Overcoming early job-insecurity in Europe. It examines the long- and short-term consequences of experiencing job insecurity or labour market exclusion in the transition to adulthood. In his speech, Bjorn Hvinden summarised the recommendations of NEGOTIATE project:

“Policies need to enable all young people to build skills, contribute to a greater net demand for young job seekers and support young people’s own efforts to find or create quality jobs. Policies must ensure that young people obtain enough money to live decent lives while searching for jobs and while working. And, not the least, European policies should reduce the strong and persistent divergences in job opportunities for young people between countries of Europe, and not largely rely on stimulating migration between these.”

Elvira Cicognani, Coordinator of CATCH-EyoU from the University of Bologna, Italy, presented CATCH-EyoU project.

 CATCH-EyoU aims to understand the different factors influencing the perspectives of young people on Europe and of the ways in which young people engage in society, to understand how young people engage materially and symbolically in order to participate in the construction of the societies they inhabit, to bring the European Union closer to all its citizens, in particular the young ones.

During her presentation, Elvira Cicognani stressed

“Concerning youth policies, EU authorities should increase thoughts at eradicating structural Inequalities in conditions, opportunities and resources available to all European youth since inequalities are key obstacles to both developing a positive view on the EU and engagement.”

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