EXCEPT Working Paper No. 16


EXCEPT Working Paper No. 16 “Long-term socio-economic consequences of insecure labour market positions” is now available online!  

The report focuses on the socio-economic consequences of unemployment and atypical employment for the economic situation of youth in Europe in the long-term, i.e. when leaving the labour market and transitioning into retirement. The report provides:

  • An outline of the socio-economic consequences of uncertainty for youth, considering the effects on three pillars of old age income: public pensions, occupational pensions, and individual pension accounts.
  • Retrospective focus: the impact of unemployment experienced at young age on the risk of poverty and deprivation at age 50 and beyond.
  • Current cohorts’ perspective: the ways in which employment uncertainties may affect later-life socio-economic outcomes, considering all three pillars of old age income.
  • Policy recommendations to minimize negative socio-economic consequences of employment uncertainty.

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