New article based on research done in the frames of EXCEPT

New article based on research done in the frames of EXCEPTPhoto by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

Rosy Musumeci and Chiara Ghislieri, both researchers at University of Turin, have published a new paper titled "Some Voices from Italian Youth on Well-Being: How to Cope with Job Insecurity?" in the latest issue of the journal Social Sciences. 

The article focusing on the Italian case analyses the way in which a group of 40 unemployed or temporarily employed young people, in-depth interviewed, subjectively describe the relationship between job insecurity and well-being, and reflects on coping strategies to face job insecurity and related perceived consequences. In doing this, the authors consider the role of individual factors, as well as of meso and macro ones, given that—for example—the national contexts have a role in influencing the way in which job insecurity is perceived and managed by individuals. The results highlight the complexity of this relationship, in which the intertwining of factors at different levels plays a very important role in determining the coping strategies and the overall well-being of people: individually, like the functions and the subjective meanings of work for the youth, but also in meso and macro terms, such as the familial support and relationships, and the institutional and public resources available.

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