New article on transition from temporary to permanent employment by EXCEPT Swedish team


Björn Högberg, Mattias Strandh and Anna Baranowska-Rataj from Umeå University have recently published a new article “Transitions from temporary employment to permanent employment among young adults: The role of labour law and education systems”.

The article investigates variability in transition rates from temporary to permanent employment across Europe, and how this is related to employment protection legislation (EPL) and the vocational specificity of education systems. The authors utilize harmonized panel data from the European Union Statistics on Income and Living Conditions, covering 18 European countries and including 34,088 temporary workers aged 18–30. The results show that stricter EPL is associated with lower rates of transitions to permanent employment, while partial deregulation, with strict EPL for permanent contracts but weaker EPL for temporary contracts, is associated with higher transition rates. Vocationally specific education systems have higher transition rates, on average. Moreover, the role of EPL is conditional on the degree of vocational specificity.

The article was published in the beginning of October in Journal of Sociology.

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