Polish team presented at the seminar “Public Policy and Human Capital” in Warsaw


On behalf of the Polish team, Magda Rokicka and Gosia Kłobuszewska participated in the seminar “Public Policy and Human Capital”, held at the Warsaw School of Economics on the 2nd of June 2017. Magda introduced the main findings from the EXCEPT project, whilst Gosia presented the results on the impact of temporary contracts on job satisfaction of youth in European countries.

The findings show that, across all of the European countries for which data was analysed, young employees with temporary contracts are less satisfied with their jobs. This relationship is stronger in the countries with higher unemployment. On an individual level, finishing formal education strengthens this negative relation.

The participants of the seminar expressed their interest in the EXCEPT results, and requested another seminar solely devoted to the project results. We will let you know how that seminar goes in the future! 

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