Research of Anna Baranowska-Rataj and Björn Högberg provoked discussion in main Swedish daily newspaper


The recently published report „Spillover effects of social policies. Can the state support for the unemployed affect employees’ health and wellbeing?“ rooted in EXCEPT project adds exciting new insights to how the unemployment insurance affects the wellbeing (and mental health) of both the unemployed and the employed in Europe. The reasoning is that unemployment insurance has a broader value to families and communities, not just for the people affected by unemployment. Interestingly, men´s well-being is clearly affected by the unemployment insurance, but not women's.

The goal of publishing the report was to intensify the dialouge with policy makers and broader audience. The researchers succeeded in that, as one of the main Swedish daily newspapers „Dagens Nyheter“ published a debate relating to the findings presented in the report (in Swedish).


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