Second EXCEPT Working Paper is out now!


EXCEPT Working Paper No. 2 "The impact of labor market exclusion and job insecurity on health and well-being among youth – a literature review" published by Jonas Voßemer and Nicoletta Eunicke (both from the University of Bamberg) is available for download now: 

The literature review discusses studies that examine how ‎unemployment‬ and job insecurity in the early career affect the health and well-being of youth in Europe. The paper concludes that unemployment has negative consequences for young people’s health and, in particular, their mental well-being. It also reports on recent studies that find these consequences may be persistent. Research also shows that insecure employment and perceived job insecurity impair young adults’ well-being. However, the review also highlights that comparatively few studies have focused on youth during their transition from school-to-work, leaving many interesting questions to be addressed by the EXCEPT project.

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