The sixth EXCEPT workshop in Thessaloniki

The sixth EXCEPT workshop in Thessaloniki

On August 27-30, 2017, the EXCEPT project held its sixth Workshop in sunny Thessaloniki, Greece. The team discussed the latest findings from qualitative and quantitate research.  Country teams presented policy recommendations which were made by vulnerable youth, and discussed the long-term socio economic consequences of job insecurity regarding public and private pension schemes. First drafts of papers for the special issue of the `Studies of Transitions States and Societies` (STSS) journal were also presented.

We are grateful to Kerstin Wilde, EU Project Officer for the EXCEPT project and the EXCEPT advisory board members Virginia Mora and Vanessa di Paola for their helpful comments and suggestions.

Last, but defiantly not least, we say BIG thank you to Greek team for organising such a wonderful meeting!

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