Two new publications by the members of EXCEPT team

Two new publications by the members of EXCEPT teamPhoto by Gabriele Diwald on Unsplash

The good cooperation started during the EXCEPT project has resulted in two new publications by the members of EXCEPT team.

Björn Högberg, Mattias Strandh, Jonas Voßemer and Michael Gebel have published an article „Unemployment, wellbeing and the moderating role of education policies - A multilevel study” in the International Journal of Comparative Sociology. The article investigates if education policies moderate the association between unemployment and well-being among young adults.

Kadri Täht, Despoina Xanthopoulou, Lia Figgou, Marialena Kostouli and Marge Unt have published a paper titled „The Role of Unemployment and Job Insecurity for the Well-Being of Young Europeans: Social Inequality as a Macro-Level Moderator“ in the Journal of Happiness Studies. The aim of the paper is to investigate the moderating role of both objective and subjective country-level social (income) inequality on the relationship between employment status and well-being.

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