WP 12 on the website!


The 12th issue of EXCEPT project’s working paper series which focuses on the question in how far unemployment and atypical employment impacts upon the socio-economic situation of youth within a five-year time span is now published on the project’s web-page.

The report starts with two studies which aim to identify general trends across Europe centring on the questions of how far unemployment and fixed-term employment lead to persistent socio-economic disadvantage, which groups among youth are most severely affected and which factors ease the transit into a permanent job. Then follow country studies of Germany, Italy, Estonia and the UK, reflecting different welfare and labour market regimes. Lastly, policy suggestion are drawn based on the analysis.

The report concludes that unemployment increases the likelihood of socio-economic disadvantage (income poverty, material deprivation and subjective poverty) in the years after unemployment for all youth and the effect of unemployment is cumulative: the longer the young person is unemployed and the more episodes of unemployment are in the CV the bigger the disadvantage. Various types of atypical employment, which were also looked at, have less detrimental effect. For detailed analysis see Working Paper No 12.

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