Youth voice at EXCEPT final conference

Youth voice at EXCEPT final conference

EXCEPT gathered active young people from partner countries to discuss issues important to youth across all European countries. Young people talked about internships, volunteering opportunities and pensions.  Though seemingly young people do not pay much attention to their old-age provision, the discussion has shown that many young people indeed understand the importance of savings.

During the conference, young people actively participated in panel discussions. Karl Andreas Sprenk from Estonian National Youth council participated in the discussion on experiences of vulnerable youth on what can be learned from the youth perspective. Karl Andreas draw attention to motivation risks for youth:

Young people entering the labour market. I will start to do a job which is not satisfying me because I am doing it just to cater myself and find a place to live in. I am getting a salary which is not satisfying me. I one point, I would like to exclude myself from the labour market”

Patrick Cantellow, from the Swale Young People CIC, participated in the debate on the consequences and potential policy solutions to the risks of future old age poverty of today's youth. Patrick gave the youth perception of pension savings:

“A lot of young people are in internships and apprenticeships on such a low wage, they’ve got no money to pay into a pension. They pay for their rent, their travel, their food. So it’s not a priority that’s up there on the list”

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