Students Abstracts

Many students from the EXCEPT partner universities have been involved with the project.


Heike Schütt, MA student, Universität Duisburg-Essen

Torge Riebesell, MA student, Universität Duisburg-Essen

“I should do it, but I do not.” Attitudes of young people regarding their retirement savings.



A Monticone, MA candidate, Master's degree in Sociology, University of Turin

Not in employment, education or training. A sociological research on the well-being and the subjective strategies of NEET people.


I Ahlinder, BA candidate, Sociology Department at Umeå University

The Impact of Labor Market Insecurity Among Immigrants in Europe


H Keenoo, MA candidate, School of Economics, University of Kent

Effects of Unemployment on Health of Young people with a special focus on gender differences


E Wikner & A Nygaard, BA candidates, Umeå University

The impact of individual and partner’s unemployment on depressive symptoms in Europe.


M R Züger, MA candidate,  University of Tartu

The Opportunities of Youth in NEET-Status Due to Discontinued Education to Enter Employment or to Continue Education as Seen by Youth.




K Ecker, Magister programme candiate, Umeå University

Wellbeing, Employment and Gender in a Systematic Comparison of Institutional Contexts across Europe


E Westerlund & V Öberg, BA programme candiates, Umeå University

“Everyone has an idea on how to get a successful life": A qualitative study of how becoming adult is affected by precarious employment


M Adolfsson, BA programme candiate

"In principle Swedish": A qualitative study on how young people with a foreign background experience and handle racialisation

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